Friday, September 21, 2007

Sony Ericsson K810i – Shoot and be merry!

With the release of its K series, Sony Ericsson hit the jackpot in an instant. Each handset under the banner imbibes within a modern technology to make photography a passion and sweet indulgence. The latest to hit the roads is Sony Ericsson K810i. The handset is stylish, modern and comes packed with the essential goodies of a K series phone.

The phone is basically an enhanced version of the Sony Ericsson K800i and comes with few minor changes with more aesthetic appeal. In tune with the cult of shiny mobile phones, the Sony Ericsson K810i also comes with a glossy front section. Also, there is an innovative keypad that features small circular silver keys. While this innovation makes the handset look really classy and unique, it also makes the operation of the keypad a little problematic. This happens because the keys are very small and are spaced far apart. One more change in this phone is that the handset comes with a slimmer shape now, it is now 5mm slimmer than its predecessor. And yes, the handset also comes with new and improved camera cover.

When considering the imaging prowess of Sony Ericsson K810i, the handset indeed scores a good figure. The camera of this handset has not really undergone any major changes - in terms of software and hardware. It features the same 3.2 MP camera, with auto -focus and xenon flash. The users can shoot still pictures and videos. There are also features to edit the snap and share the pictures through different messaging services like MMS, emails or blogs. Plus, there is also a special feature called BestPic mode. In this, nine photos are take in quick succession when one presses the shutter button. The only change that has been made to the software was the feature of Photo Fix. In this feature, the camera of the handset adjusts light balance, contrast and brightness.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sony Ericsson K810i – music that shoots too

Sony Ericsson K810i is the fourth phone in the Walkman series, and does quite good to further carry the strong reputation of its lineage. The handset remains more or less same as its predecessor Sony Ericsson K810i, save some few minor changes. To being with Sony Ericsson K810i comes has lost 1mm as compared to its elder sibling.

Essentially a music phone, the Sony Ericsson K810i comes with enhanced music prowess to ensure that there is no compromise when it comes to beats and ecstasy. The handset comes dressed in black with a contrast coloured interface, thus there reflects a vibrant and youthful feel from the device – making it just perfect to be music phone.

The music player of Sony Ericsson K810i is of advance quality. It bears Sony's trademark Mega Bass for audio enhancements, and comes complete with an equalizer. While Music DJ, PlayNow and MegaBass empowers the users to edit, the option of Disc 2 Phone makes transferring of music from computer to the handset, quite easy. Moreso, the users of Sony Ericsson W810i can also create song playlists and view tunes too.

Sony Ericsson K810i makes music really easy, and that's why it has 'a simple one-touch access to music playback'. There are short cut buttons to Play/Pause button on either sides of the handset. And more doze of music, the Sony Ericsson K810i features an FM radio, with support for RDS.

The headset of Sony Ericsson K810i comes in two parts – with a earphones and a 3.5mm audio port that connects to the phone. It has a memory of 20 MB that comes along with PRO Duo™ Memory.

Other features of this phone are pretty straightforward. There are good features for connectivity, messaging, download, talk time and yes photography. Surprisingly, the Sony Ericsson K810i has also won laurels for providing a brilliant 'clicking' pleasure.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sony Ericsson W660i is a perfect blend of music

An exquisite Walkman phone, the Sony Ericsson W660i is a perfect blend of music, 3G speed and beauty. It come as an impeccable gadget reflecting your taste in music, thanks to customized music experience fitted in it. Music enthusiasts will find a different world-of-music in this product of Sony Ericsson conglomerate.

With the Sony Ericsson W660i, user can create his own playlists that very well goes with his taste and favourites. The playlists can be made of his best-memoir songs, tracks or singers or even with the album's name. The user have the exclusive freedom to move any musical note (read songs/ tracks) from personal computer to the mobile without any technical problem. It is absolutely free of hassle and tricky affair.

With its 2 megapixel camera users can capture the momentous moments with ease. The captured photos that comes are unique with pencil-sharp features. After pick and choose, users can save it and later publish them in the blog that can be shared and viewed to peers and friends.

The captured photos comes lively in the screen of 262.144 color TFT with 176x220 pixel resolution. The phone has a memory of 16MB with Memory Stick Micro (M2) support.

Users of the Sony Ericsson W660i have the network support of 900/ 1800/ 1900 in the GSM frequency and 2100 in the UMTS. Having the support of these frequency users of this phone remains seamlessly connected while he is in international -roaming. He doesn't have to change the phone or the network every time he changes the network or goes away from the present service provider.

About the size and weight of the set, it comes in the dimensions of 102 x 46 x 14.5 mm and 4 x 1.8 x 0.6 inches; and weight of 93 gram. With this mere size and weight carrying the phone becomes easy and convenient.